President's Message

Ashley Bauman

Wow it's 2020!  A new year and decade.

I'm honoured to be selected as your 2020 Vancouver CREW President and I thank you all of the opportunity to lead such a dynamic organization.  

2020 marks my 20th year in the industry.  Like many of us I have seen our industry grow in many ways.  Our talent pool has increased and become more diversified.  In addition, the projects we tackle have increasingly become more complex and forward looking. 

Through this change many constants have remained.  Information is power and fuels great decision-making.  Strong relationships lead to great team work and project success.  The ability to continuously learn and adapt is what makes us accomplished.  These constants frame much of what we do at CREW.  From our industry research, to our networking events, to our learning and development programs CREW has been a constant in Vancouver accelerating our industry forward.

2020 also marks the 15th year for CREW Vancouver.  It's a year for celebrations as CREW Vancouver has achieved a tremendous amount in the last 15 years.  Watch your inboxes to see everything we have planned. 

As we look to the next year, we must continue to move the dial and offer great value to our members and sponsors.  Our sponsors are our fuel. Without them we would not continue to operate nor be in a position to do the important work we do.  I'm tremendously thankful for all your contributions.   

Moreover we exist to serve our members.  You all have the commitment of the board and myself to continue to add value to your membership experience.  

I have to acknowledge our over 50+ number of volunteers who spend countless hours helping us achieve our mandate.  Your passion and commitment is critical to doing what we do.   I'm beyond grateful for your contributions and look forward to growing CREW Vancouver with all of you 2020.

Last but certainly not least I am honoured to serve with such a talented, caring, and accomplished group of individuals on our 2020 Board.  It's individuals like all of you that have inspired me throughout my career and I look forward to our collective leadership this year, (we are going to kill it).

I'm always a phone call or e-mail away and up for a chat, coffee or glass of wine. 

O.k. 2020 - Let's do this!

Ashley Willard Bauman
Principal, Beyond the Buildings Ltd.