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Why become a mentee?

  • Broaden your industry network
  • Make stronger industry connections/relationships
  • Seek advice and gain a different perspective from experienced industry professionals
  • Share your experience and support other professionals in the industry

Read about some of the amazing partnerships that have formed in our mentorship spotlights:

Mentee Commitment

The ideal mentoring relationship is one that exceeds fact-finding and delves into personal knowledge and experience. In many cases, young professionals have certain career goals, but do not have the firsthand experience or insight on what to expect or how to achieve their goals. Mentors are invaluable resources in helping guide and advise their protégés based upon their experiences. The goal is to develop a meaningful relationship between the mentor and mentee that will last beyond the timeline established here. 

The CREW VMP is a mentee-led program. It is designed to be successful with participation by the mentee who is required to lead all communication. Therefore, committing to the program will require the mentee to:

    • Be Proactive - take initiative to make the first contact after the introduction;
    • Arrange at least four (4) meetings with your mentor during the course of the Program; 
    • Be eager to learn and ask questions;
    • Work as a Team Player – you must be willing to contribute as much as possible to the mentoring relationship;
    • Be Patient – you must be willing to put in the time and effort to get to know and accommodate the schedule of your mentor;
    • Have a Positive Attitude – you must seek out and be open to receiving feedback. 

Application Process

Applications to participate in the CREW VMP are made available in late March and close in late April. Space is limited and admittance is based on a first come first serve basis. If you are selected to participate in the CREW Vancouver Mentorship Program you will be notified and invited to the Mentorship Mingler.

Apply today for the 2021-22 program!