Using social media to boost your career

We all spend hours scrolling through news and twitter feeds. So while your there, take the time to go beyond ‘liking’ the meal your best friend cooked for dinner and instead use your social media outlets to build your career and your professional network.

This may seem daunting to beginners. But trust us when we say the time and effort is totally worth it. We recently read about a lucky lady who through Twitter managed to meet Richard Branson AND get him to invest in her start up company. Now that’s big (see the full story here:  http://www.businessinsider.com/my-social-cloud-receives-funding-from-richard-branson-2012-6).

You can take small steps to start. Beginning with opening an account and following some industry professionals, peers and organizations. This opens up the possibility to exclusive announcements, events and topics of conversation.

Make sure you post and share interesting and relevant content to garner interest from industry professionals, keep your own profile professional, provide lots of information about who you are, where you come from, your goals and aspirations. Be present online and who knows, you could be next in line to meet Sir Richard!

For more information check out this website for comprehensive tips and tricks: http://uwaterloo.ca/career-action/resources-library/how-guides/social-media

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