2014 CREW Network Miami Convention – September 30 to October 3, 2014

Miami Convention

Many members of the 2014 CREW Vancouver Board had the opportunity to attend this year’s CREW Network Convention held in sunny Miami, Florida.  The convention provides a fantastic opportunity to network with hundreds of members representing chapters across North America, as well as undergo leadership training to better improve programming for members and sponsors.  This year’s Convention was headlined by a premiere cast of speakers including Hillary Clinton, Steve Forbes and Katty Kay. 

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was the keynote for Convention and her captivating speech highlighted the importance of relationships in conducting business.  She also spoke about the critical role of networking, mentoring and leadership training for both men and women to be successful.  Ms. Clinton also observed that women can be a positive force of change for ourselves and break through negative judgement that may act as barriers to growth.

Katty Kay, Lead Anchor for the BBC World News  America was also very inspiring, and shared key insights from her recent book, The Confidence Code, (which incidentally seemed to be sold out from virtually every book store in Miami!).  Ms. Kay stressed that confidence can open doors and can matter more than competence in some cases.  She also touched on the ever debated topic of work-life balance and expressed that while you can have it all, it is not realistic to think you can have it all at the same time. 

The new CREW Vancouver Board is excited to translate many of these ideas and takeaways from Convention to growing our Vancouver chapter in the new year.  For more information and to see photos from Convention, please visit CREW Network’s website at:


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