Mentorship Spotlight: Dale Sherman and Mo Mojtabavi

By Lorayne Mercado, Hungerford Properties

CREW is excited to spotlight Dale Sherman (mentor) and Mo (Mojan) Mojtabavi (mentee), two members who recently participated in the CREW Mentorship Program that led to both completing the program with new perspectives, ideas, and a newly developed relationship.


Dale Sherman

Dale Sherman, CPA, CGA (mentor) is a seasoned veteran in the real estate industry with nearly 40 years of industry experience in various aspects of real estate business. She began her career in finance and accounting and transitioned into asset management. Dale has held progressive roles, most recently, as Director of Retail Asset Management and Managing Broker at Morguard Investments Limited. Dale retired in March 2017 (congratulations!) and is now off looking for new adventures. Dale was prompted to participate as a mentor to share the vast knowledge and experience that she’s gained over the years, as well as learn about the industry from the perspective of someone new to the business.


Mojan Mojtabvai Cushman Wakefield 2016

Mo Mojtabavi (mentee) is an ambitious, keen, and enthusiastic individual. She graduated with her BA from Simon Fraser University in 2009 and is coming up to her fourth year in the Commercial Real Estate Industry as a Sales Assistant at Cushman & Wakefield. Mo plays an integral role on her team, providing support through launching marketing campaigns, proposal and pitch presentations, and market research. Mo’s curiosity of the mentor relationship and interest in meeting a female leader, who she could look up to and gain industry knowledge from, was what led her to participating in the mentorship program. Through Mo’s continuous hard work, supplemented by CREW and the mentorship program, she was awarded Employee of the Year at Cushman & Wakefield. Mo is an inspiration to young women in the industry and CREW is extremely proud of her accomplishment!


Q and A with Dale (mentor) and Mo (mentee)

What do you think makes a good mentor/mentee?

Dale: Someone who is willing to share and to learn.

Mo: Someone who is honest, themselves, and able to take and provide constructive criticism.

What’s the best way to build an effective and successful mentoring relationship?

Dale: Regularly scheduled meetings/calls and goal setting, but still allowing flexibility to move in new directions as interests dictate. Open discussion between mentor/mentee is essential.

Mo: Open communication, regular meetings/checkups/calls, collaborative problem solving, establishing goals and clear expectations from each other.

How did your mentoring relationship help each of you in achieving your professional goals?

Dale: Working together with Mo allowed me a new perspective on how to be a more effective team leader, seeing things through the eyes of someone younger and new to the business, with such keenness and enthusiasm. I approached being a Mentor as one of giving, but have received as much if not more than I have given. This was unexpected and therefore all the more enjoyable.

Mo: Dale was down to earth, humble and easy to talk from the beginning, which allowed us to have an open and honest relationship. She has been great at helping me see the big picture and has always provided creative ways to problem solve or reach my next goal. Dale provided insight and wisdom, helping me get me through those times where I felt I was getting off track. After winning Employee of the Year at Cushman & Wakefield earlier this year, Dale was my second call, after my mom. I knew her support and guidance had helped me get to where I am today.


About the CREW Mentorship Program

The CREW Mentorship Program connects accomplished industry professionals with individuals looking for guidance and personal/career development. The CREW Vancouver Mentorship Program is a free 12-month program beginning May 2017 through to April 2018 and is open to all CREW members and current CREW volunteers. This program provides an opportunity for mentees to be paired with senior CREW members who are accomplished leaders within the Vancouver real estate community.

This is a mentee-led program, meaning it will be the mentee's responsibility to proactively reach out to their mentor and initiate meeting times. The informal meetings are meant to be an open dialogue between the mentor and the mentee to discuss and learn more about the real estate industry, career options, and seek industry related advice. For more details about the program, please see our previous blog post.

Stay tuned for the upcoming CREW mentorship program and email CREW for information on how to participate.


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