Women in Construction Week: Ashley Rayan, Amber Doherty, Romina Siuki, and Corina Lascano from Anthem

CREW Vancouver is celebrating Women in Construction Week by highlighting female construction leaders and teams that work with our 2021 Sponsors!

The team at Anthem is composed of 400 diverse people connected by their drive for creativity, passion and direct communication. In recognition of Women in Construction week, Anthem would like to highlight a few of the kickass women from their construction team.

Meet Ashley Rayan | Project Manager with Anthem

Ashley Rayan Anthem

My role is to work with the project team to plan, schedule, and organize resources for the successful execution of construction projects. Prior to construction, I am responsible for providing technical and financial feedback to the project team, so that we can efficiently complete projects. Once in the construction phase, my role is to support the onsite team by ensuring that they have the resources they need to execute the project vision.

Why I Chose Construction:

I am a person who thrives in challenging situations and the construction industry is a place where I not only feel challenged, but I also have the opportunity to learn. No two days are the same, just as no two projects are the same. My role allows me to work with subject matter experts, all of whom I have the opportunity to work in partnership with. Whether it’s working through details with the consultant team at the design phase or problem solving on site with the trades, construction is a collaborative industry. I enjoy that my career allows me to work on something that is tangible, to see a permanent building or space that you have worked on from design to execution is a great feeling.

Meet Amber Doherty | Construction Safety Officer with Anthem

Amber Doherty Anthem

My job is to maintain a standard of safety across the construction site, to ensure no one’s cutting corners, and ultimately to make sure everyone who walks on to the site walks off at the end of the day. As a CSO, building a strong foundation of positive rapport with the trades and management as a team player is key in establishing an environment of mutual respect and co-operation.

Why I Chose Construction:

I enjoy the freedom and the wins are truly awesome. It’s rewarding to see the teamwork and alignment needed to build something from nothing. It can be tough, and it’s not always glamorous, but it’s also fun. No two days are the same. Keeping an open mind and being able to be flexible are key.

Meet Romina Siuki | Senior Project Coordinator, Construction & Development with Anthem

Romina Shojaee Siuki Anthem

I work closely with both the development and construction teams during preconstruction and construction stages of concrete high-rise projects. I help to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and most importantly meet the high level of quality that is attributed to Anthem which is well recognized and known by its great reputation throughout the real estate industry. Recently, I have been mostly focused on collaborating with project management team on procurement after which I will be spending more time on construction coordination.

Why I Chose Construction:

After graduating with B.A.Sc. with Distinction in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia (UBC), I decided to continue my studies at UBC by pursuing a Master of Civil Engineering in Project and Construction Management as construction management courses were always my top interest during my undergraduate studies. The top three reasons of why I love to work in the construction industry:

  • Helping local communities by building projects that are essential for a community to thrive and leaving a long-lasting mark on the world
  • Teamwork and collaboration with smart and knowledgeable professionals and, in turn, lots of learning opportunities
  • The never-ending diversity of work and dealing with something new every day

Meet Corina Lascano | Project Coordinator, Construction with Anthem

Corina Lascano Anthem

My role begins at the drawing design stage. I work with the project team, consultants and vendors to develop the building permit drawings, tender drawings and IFC drawings.

When I first started at Anthem in 2018, I was involved in two wood-frame projects (Maplewoods West and Wood & Water) and two concrete projects (ORIGIN and SOCO). Leading up to construction, I was responsible for demolitions, tendering, performing quantity take-offs, contract administration, and various other duties required to set-up the construction sites. All of this was possible with the amazing support of my Project Managers and Directors of course.

During construction, my role includes coordinating and tracking shop drawings, site instructions, purchase orders, change orders, invoicing, permit applications, and assisting the Project Manager with whatever they may need to run a successful project – on time and on budget. I do this through construction to final occupancy and handover to the Homeowner Care team.

Why I Chose Construction:

I chose to enter the construction industry shortly after graduating high school. I started as a drywall laborer, working with my dad, and learning the ins and outs of construction sites. Witnessing a building go from the early framing stages to finished homes was fascinating to me, so I signed up for the Architectural and Building Engineering Technology (ABET) program at BCIT.

Since joining Anthem, there is one project in particular, Wood & Water, that I have seen transform from a grassy golf course to an incredible townhome community. Seeing years of hard work turn into homes for hundreds of people is truly rewarding.


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